Friday, August 30, 2013

6 Animal-Related Items

•One of my raccoon pics from Central Park (they come out from under the Boathouse at sunset!).

Yet mere blocks away, the factory belches filth into the sky (to quote my favorite song), across the river from my block.

•You may've seen this bear stealing a dumpster.

•There's a major multi-bear jamboree at this swell scratchin’ tree.

•And cute Toad Hall-like photos of the animals who've taken over this abandoned house (h/t Carey Yaruss, who used to live next door to me with her giant dog, the late Echo Doppler).

Man is the “rational animal,” they say, but it’s easy to forget that on the brink of war.  To compensate for the madness and violence, let’s declare September on this blog a “Month of Reason” -- dedicated to examining some recent books from the folks at (and around) Reason magazine, that is.

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