Thursday, August 22, 2013

NYC Mayoral Race: Joe Lhota?

It's hard for me to care too much, but given that Catsimatidis is a hideous fat doltish blowhard with no coherent ideas and can never win the general election once the rest of the electorate notices him, maybe I should urge fellow registered NYC Republicans to vote in the Sept. 10 primary for JOE LHOTA.

He's a Georgetown/Harvard grad who has faced down unions over budget issues and has some City managerial experience already -- perhaps the least of several major-party evils, given the parade of loons or non-entities the Dems are fielding (including the former governor almost certain to become City comptroller). Then again, should any man be rewarded for having run MTA? 

Not that I would blame you for skipping voting altogether. And I am increasingly sympathetic to the idea that that is the most moral thing to do. The unions are simply going to continue scavenging the City's fast-rotting corpse regardless of which stuffed shirts hold press conferences and pretend to be in charge, after all.

And that will be the extent of my local electoral campaigning for the year. But it's important to make yourself heard.

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