Monday, July 2, 2012

Spider-Man vs. the Lizard – and an even bigger DIONYSIUM battle!

•Looks like we’re on for a Wednsday, July 25 (8pm) Dionysium (at Muchmore’s) that will include two major authentic comic book professionals – Fred Van Lente and Dan Raspler – duking it out over the timely question “Who would win a fight between Spider-Man and Batman?” 

•Surely, I must declare July a “Month of Heroes” on this blog.

•But this week, let us celebrate young Mr. Parker and congratulate him on his new film, out in IMAX 3D in mere hours.  And that makes me think of the Ramones.

•The last song on the Ramones’ last album, Adios Amigos! was “Born to Die in Berlin.”  Many music critics would probably like to remember that song as if it were their fitting end.  But I am unusual in thinking that their truly final song – a few months later – was their best: their cover of the 1960s Spider-Man cartoon theme song.  What could be more New York?

•Speaking of the Ramones and thus punks, consider checking out CBGB’s Festival 2012 this Friday and Saturday, the 6th and 7th.

•But can a spider beat a hooded mantis?  That question is answered in what may be the most dramatic nine minutes of video I have ever seen.

•Of course, humans are no slouches – except for you, you slug.

•And after years of unsatisfying online animal clips, it turns out almost all the (non-mantis) action is in this one clip, wherein we learn the deeply disturbing answer to the questions “If animals are surrounded by obvious predators and constant death, do they necessarily evolve the smarts to get out of town?” and “How might close proximity over centuries lead to cooperative symbiosis between species?”

Beware watering holes, and be glad you are not a gazelle.

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