Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Come to “Detention” – and hear music – and learn anarchy!

Bucking the Whedonesque trend, I will not see young folk menaced in a Cabin in the Woods this Friday...nor will I see prisoners facing a Lockout in space...nor for that matter do I expect to watch a High School coping with drugs next week.

Instead, FRIDAY I WILL ATTEND THE MOVIE DETENTION, directed by Joseph Kahn (who’s done rock videos like “Elevation” by U2, somewhat regretted one silly motorcycle movie called Torque with scenes like this, and almost directed Neuromancer).  I got my ticket for the 7:35 at AMC Empire 25, so join me in the lobby a half-hour earlier if you like. 

Detention is reportedly a brilliant combo-parody of various nerd-pleasing genres from horror to John Hughes, as a principal sticks all the kids who might be the local serial killer in detention at the same time, and things rapidly get weirder still.  (And the director’s sister told me I gotta go – but in all seriousness, the nerd sites seem to love it.) 

Also, it stars Josh Hutcherson, who is suddenly a big deal due to playing Peeta in Hunger Games – which also involves a bunch of trapped kids and violence, so think of this as a sequel to Hunger Games.  That’s right: if you saw Hunger Games, you also have to see Detention

Since the principal in the movie sounds like he’s engaged in profiling, maybe he, John Derbyshire, and I should all attend the April 19 talk at the Brown Club NY by Brown professor Tricia Rose about how to address topics like race and gender sensitively.  Well, I may go, anyway.  Important to be well-rounded. 

BUT THIS WEEK: catch me at Desmond’s on Park (between 29th and 30th) if you want to hang out with anarcho-capitalists (I warned you) tonight around 7pm...and then Union Hall (702 Union St. at Fifth Ave. in Brooklyn) at 9:30pm sharp tonight to hear Nicolas Beaudoing and the Doc Marshalls do their hip country the Suffolk on Saturday at 9:30pm to hear Robin Eisgrau and the garagier band Perp Walk [UPDATE: That Perp Walk gig Sat. April 14 has been moved to the Charleston at 174 Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg. They are slated to go on at 8:45 and the cover is $7. Crucially, you get a free small pizza with your beer at Charleston, I think]).

Neither of these bands will sound like the Black Satans doing their 1994 black metal classic “Satan of Hell.”

Since my blog entry yesterday may have just left you wondering “What the hell’s an anarcho-capitalist?” here’s the Professor Frink-like David Friedman explaining the arguments in his an-cap classic Machinery of Freedom in a brisk twenty-three minutes that might just change your life and save the world (h/t Zac Gochenour).  On the Cato-Unbound blog this week, you can find him and others continuing the debate about liberal-tarianism, libertarianism, and classical liberalism.  

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