Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Madison Rising live, David Friedman (and me) and Obama on video

The conservative rock band I wrote about for New York Post (and for Newsmax, in a piece likely appearing next month) is performing Friday at 6:30 at Sullivan Hall

Madison Rising put a video homage to the late Andrew Breitbart online – and their manager notes that Breitbart’s (pop-culture-informed) mission was described as a search for “punk rock Republicans.” 

Indeed, at an informal memorial toast to Breitbart on Monday night, a few of us took Breitbart’s reported musical tastes as sufficient justification to request Smiths songs and the like on the jukebox – but I soon had to exit to host the talk by David Friedman seen in this video, shot by a very helpful Danny Panzella.

For a quick lesson in the difference between good moderates and bad moderates, see this nice Mickey Kaus defense of Breitbart against the now chronically-dissatisfied and fun-ruining David Frum.  When I saw Donna Brazile talking with obvious warmth about how Breitbart would eagerly give lengthy and useful Web-using advice even to his worst political foes, I figured a wave of surprisingly nice things was about to be said about him from counter-intuitive parts of the political spectrum.

I have no idea what Obama footage Breitbart was planning to release at the time of his death, but here’s a quite charming clip of Obama in 1991 at Harvard Law School sounding exactly like himself.

Even Obama once described himself as hanging around with punks back in those days, so I certainly don’t pretend rock n’ roll alone can prevent statism.  Madison Rising does more of an Alice in Chains grunge sort of thing than punk, though, so we’ll see if that brings down big government.  See you Friday.  

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