Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"WilliamsbURGH! A Music War," if you will

I’m hosting a talk at Lolita Bar this coming Monday, as noted yesterday, but since the plan is to host events in Williamsburg very soon, here’s a Williamsburg sampler of sorts to tide you over. 

Famously, at the very end of the twentieth century, members of four impoverished rock bands all lived crammed together in the same apartment in Williamsburg.  Those four batches of total going-nowhere losers are now known to one and all as:

Metric (and more Metric):

The girl bands are far cooler, I think we all agree.  But congratulations to them all, and it's interesting to see the similarities (and I don’t just mean the wolves).

P.S. And since the other half of the bands from the 00s seem to live in Montreal, here’s the wonderful (albeit suburbs-bashing) Arcade Fire song “Sprawl II” while we're at it (with cameo by Black Widow from the Avengers – if I think the singer’s cuter than her, is there something wrong with me?).

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