Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ron Paul/Rand Paul/Rush fallback plan

I still have my fingers crossed for Jan. 3's Iowa caucus – but if we must wait a few years longer...I am told Rand Paul seems to be not only a de facto anarchist but, perhaps more important, a HUGE fan of the band Rush.

Sadly, Rush told him not to use their music during his Senate campaign last year.  Amusingly, a Rush tribute band quickly stepped up to offer their services instead, but I think they were turned down.

It would be neat to someday see Rand say, "I know many of you here at my presidential inaugural gala are also fond of my father [hold for applause] and that this means some of you, like him, feared a conspiracy to create a 'North American union,' but to show that I do not blame Canada for the difficulties that globalization can sometimes bring along with its myriad blessings, tonight I'd like to break with tradition by having a non-U.S. band play at this celebration.  Ladies and gentlemen, Rush.  And now please bow down before your new master, Aqua Buddha."

P.S. Or he could at least use the prog rock band that John Huntsman briefly dropped out of high school to play in.  (Really.)

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