Sunday, December 11, 2011

Justin Bieber Ruins Steampunk, Rock N’ Roll, Christmas, and Spacetime

Gawker wisely warns that the days of steampunk’s hipness may already be over thanks to a not-very-edgy but undeniably steampunk video for Justin Beiber’s cover of “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.”  The video also manages to taint breakdancing and (ironically) is in general so era-non-specific that I find myself worrying it will somehow do damage of some kind to 1987. 

Might there be plans afoot to use those faster-than-light neutrinos to sell Bieber CDs to people who live in the past (I mean people who literally live in the past)?  Is there a business model involving particle collision and “quantum file-sharing” that might make that workable?  Seems almost plausible.  Possibly even the kind of idea that could make a man the first quadrillionaire.

Then again, it may all just be a side effect of the phenomenon noted in this Vanity Fair piece by Kurt Andersen pointed out by Julia Kamin: Pop culture has barely changed since 1992, especially when you compare twenty-year slices of style-evolution from any period prior to that in the twentieth-century (1950 vs. 1970, for instance).  I think a fortysomething can be forgiven for thinking he’s on the same basic pop-cultural (and even political) wavelength as twentysomethings these days, even if he is not retarded. 

On the bright side, I declare a “Week of Rock” on this blog, and things will just keep getting hipper as the week progresses, Bieber notwithstanding, so stick around.  

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