Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Sinestro Plot (and Grant Morrison reminder)

Remember: tonight starting circa 6pm, I'll be tweeting about seeing comics writer Grant Morrison at the Tribeca Barnes & Noble.  His appearance comes amidst fan anxiety over DC Comics' impending relaunch of all its superhero comics series. 

I will grant DC this: We've all been assuming September will be a squeaky-clean, potentially bland, "iconic" reboot, with current plotlines being wrapped up quietly this summer before the relaunch in order to leave a clean slate for hoped-for new readers in the fall.  I think, though, they might instead be setting up major game-changing cliffhangers prior to the relaunch.  Or at least...

•They claim the final pre-relaunch Batman ends with a huge shocker and the first September Detective kinda looks like it might actually have the severed head of the Joker on it.

•They've pretty clearly signaled that Superman won't be married, which I thought would just be due to the reboot...but they didn't say exactly why he won't be married and, interestingly, the penultimate issue of the current Superman series ends with a criminal threatening to kill Lois Lane unless Superman (temporarily retired) re-emerges.  [UPDATE: Oh, yesterday they did say it's just because in the new universe he's young, single, working with Lois's boyfriend, and lacking living parents to boot -- leaving Clark "isolated" and "alien"; hang in there, big guy.] 

•And while the above may just be typical fleeting story moments, the one undeniable shocker is that the star of Green Lantern #1 in September is...Sinestro!!  They accepted the long-time villain back into the Green Lantern Corps (after various signs of genuine and even heroic reform on his part) and ejected Hal Jordan for his constant rebelliousness, as the final scene of the current series. 

So September may not be quite as simple as expected -- which is good, frankly, even if Sinestro's the only real twist here. 

And after that movie last month, maybe it's best Hal take some time off anyway. 

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