Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Last Night Moore, Tomorrow Rucka, in the End Cameron

I don’t know which will have been more depressing, last night’s communistic Michael Moore documentary or the reportedly-lame adaptation of Greg Rucka’s comic book Whiteout, which I’ll probably see tomorrow night.

But I think I know what movie this year will have cost far more money — and is, I think, destined to lose far more than either of them: James Cameron’s Avatar, which, as I mentioned once before, looked like a fairly mundane jungle-cartoon adventure from the teaser footage, despite it being in expensive, cutting-edge CGI in IMAX 3D.

Indeed, reading between the lines of this article about Avatar seeming a bit too much like another recent film, you get the distinct impression that all the films mentioned in the article are so banal they need never have been made.

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