Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Conspiracy Debates Trilogy and You (and Yourow)

2. The Truthers’ call to reopen the 9/11 investigation prevailed by a vote of about 15-10 at last night’s debate — and coincidentally, I see today on Drudge that debater Sander Hicks is not the only Truther involved in politics who has a communist past and has transmogrified into more of a proponent of a greened but entrepreneurial economy, given the story about Obama’s “green jobs” advisor, Van Jones.

1. Another Drudge-linked story today noted that Japan’s new first lady believes she was abducted by space aliens, so our debate last month on extraterrestrials also looks more timely today than one could reasonably have hoped.

3. And on October 7, this arguably-fringey conspiracy debate trilogy reaches its giddy and mind-altering climax with the question “Is Obama Really a Natural-Born Citizen?” — with lawyer Howard Yourow arguing “no” (actually, if his name is pronounced “Euro,” can we be sure he is from this side of the Atlantic himself?).

We could still use a defender of Obama’s birth certificate to argue “yes,” though, so let me know if you’re available and informed — and possibly even entertaining.  The President needs you to do your part.

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