Saturday, September 26, 2009

Andy Richter Rules Wolf Blitzer, Thundercats Rule Viral Marketing


Three TV-related thoughts:

•Thanks to the omnipresence of t-shirts and the like bearing the Thundercats symbol — that black tiger profile on a red background — the viral marketing campaign for the inevitable eventual live-action movie is going to be very, very easy to pull off, as the grinning producers probably already know.

•My thanks to Paul Taylor for pointing out to me Andy Richter’s recent triumph over a fumbling and weak Wolf Blitzer on celebrity Jeopardy, an important victory for comedy-loving nerds.

•And given Leno’s move to 10pm and Conan’s to 11:30, I wonder if NBC’s lineup in 2029 will look something like this:

4PM: Leno in the Afternoon

6PM: Dinner with Conan

7PM: Evening Report with Jimmy Fallon

8PM: Daily with Carson Daly

9PM: After Sunset with Andy Samberg

10PM: Michael Cera: Special Victims Unit

11PM: Every Night Live

Midnight: Late Night with David Letterman Classics

1AM: Dateline NBC

2AM: The Chevy Chase Show

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