Friday, July 24, 2009

Three Hip Women (One with a Three-Leg Dog)


I saw a huge poster of model Agyness Deyn in a clothing store this week — and that’s hardly unusual, but her British-raised New Wave tendencies are somewhat unusual at this late juncture in history (though growing less so in the past couple years, which is nice). A few months ago, I praised a super-cool perfume ad she was in as something that’s sort of an example (like much New Wave) of “conservatism for punks” in at least the shallow aesthetic sense, combining traditional notions of class and beauty with an obvious punk influence, like many of the good things in life.

And as if she weren’t cool enough already (not that I’m endorsing her interest in numerology or anorexia), on July 9, NYT said Deyn might appear on Doctor Who (with the entire series unhelpfully identified by NYT as “a BBC Christmas special,” as if the other four decades of the world’s longest-running sci-fi series didn’t exist).

I guess everybody’s meeting aliens these days — but learn more about whether that’s true at our August 5 Debate at Lolita Bar between Lillian Waters and Jen Dziura, of course.

Another hip lady on my radar this week is Laura Lovelace, who played the waitress in the opening scene of Pulp Fiction and, more important, picked the soundtrack music for that highly influential film. She’s apparently posted a couple comments below a recent blog entry of mine, in effect rewarding me for getting her name wrong. I don’t deserve the resultant increased hipness points of my blog but will accept them nonetheless.

This weekend, though, I’ll be in DC visiting the hippest retro-yet-punk lady of all, Helen Rittelmeyer (who like a lot of people could use a writing/editing job of some sort preferably in NYC but unlike a lot of people is a witty, hyperlexic genius, if you have use for that), so I think a couple actual political entries are in order to keep you amused for the next two days while I’m gone.

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