Saturday, July 18, 2009

Comics For and Against Government

John Farley of the Phillips Foundation pointed out to me a recent article by Jonathan Last (who I first met because he wrote a Weekly Standard article about Star Wars and was briefly worried that an e-mail I sent him about blowing up the Death Star might have been part of a series of threatening messages the magazine had been receiving) chronicling the chronic adulation of Obama in comic books (a phenomenon making it easier to quit the comics habit next week and to laugh loudly the next time I encounter a leftist — such as Kyle Baker — who tells me the media are conservative).

On the bright side, I’m told that the animated series Justice League Unlimited did a neat job of depicting the hero called the Question as a sort of hybrid of the Question, another (more overtly Objectivist) character created by Steve Ditko called Mr. A, and Rorschach, at one point even having him yell the Randian slogan “A = A!” while being tortured by the government. And here’s a comedy piece from Op-Toons reminding us that government, like the supervillain Bizarro, does not think A =A. And with that, I’m off to see Rorschach on the big screen one last time at the Landmark Sunshine 2:30 show.

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Sean Dougherty said...

Actually, he reeled off A is A when confronting Lex Luthor and riffing on the inevitability of people being true to who they are. Can’t be more specific than that without spoiling the fun. When he was being tortured, he was screaming out nonsensical conspiracy theories (“The metal tips at the end of shoelaces are called aglets, their true purpose is sinister!”).

Best. Episode. Ever.