Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Conservatism for Punks" for Punks and Conservatives

I was only able to attend a few minutes of the Tea Party protest in Times Square yesterday before heading downtown to host last night’s debate, but the U2-ish opening band seemed good — and while this rare burst of libertarianism and conservatism may be gone from Times Square now (attendance apparently having been in the hundreds or so instead of the several thousand who swelled the City Hall area for a Tea Party protest back in April), you can certainly find punk in that area on a far more regular basis: I see that the Germs are performing at Nokia Times Square Theatre tonight, for those who are interested. While I should make a point of trying to do conservative things and punk things in close succession just to underscore the m.o., blog slogan, and maybe-someday book, I’m tired and will stay in tonight.

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