Friday, April 24, 2009

Jackie Chan vs. LOLCats


Like a lot of people, I was disappointed to hear about Jackie Chan — one of humanity’s most physically adept specimens — sucking up to Beijing by complaining that Taiwan and Hong Kong are displaying too much “chaotic” freedom (though it shouldn’t surprise me — most people hate freedom, really, even those who most clearly should know better). I first learned of Jackie Chan around the same time that Hong Kong was in the news for its transition from British to Beijing control in 1997 (at which time I visited the place) and at the time had high hopes for both. I don’t know anymore.

On the bright side, though, as our May 6 debate crowd may be keenly aware, there is another species, namely the cat, with kung fu skills as impressive as Jackie’s — witness this clip recently noted on ICanHasCheezburger. However, Scott Nybakken, who wrote the New York Press article “Jackie Chan: Must Fight!” back in the day, counters that this ambush cat vs. flippy instant-reverso cat clip from the same site is even more impressive. At least all such creatures remain blissfully unaware of the power-hungry beasts in Beijing (who are so stupid they think you shouldn’t be allowed to call them things like that, lest it threaten their power, which they imagine to be synonymous with social harmony).

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