Tuesday, April 14, 2009

If Meat Is Murder, and Fur Is Murder...


…is meat fur?  That would certainly taste awful.

Maybe I should leave the animal welfare questions to Steven Pinker and our May 6 debaters, though, and tomorrow — April 15 — get back to talking about questions of political economy (on the day of the Tea Party protest at New York City Hall — be there, 7pm).


Todd Seavey said...

Combining these themes, the _New York Times_ has a piece about “taxation” among animals — but remember that murder and rape are natural as well, and that does not make them _good_ (how the story mission-crept from one of pooled resources to the headline’s declaration of taxes as the salvation of the species would be an interesting capsule lesson in how horrifically statist the intuitions of homo sapiens in media are):


Todd Seavey said...

Speaking of tithing and similar primitive, collectivist behaviors, I notice that the guy collecting money on behalf of the homeless in front of the Starbucks in between ABC and ACSH seems to have left his post for a while, simply leaving a great big old plastic jar full of cash sitting on a big red table behind him for a while — where it survived, which is great.

But then, he’s not the most careless person in this scenario: What kind of negligent cretin simply gives money to people on the street _because they ask for it_, when you think about it?


ANIMALS KILL OTHER ANIMALS TOO. does that make them murderers? should they not do that? maybe lions should grow their own gardens…. smaaart…

You should sue Princeton then too, right?? … MURDER: unlawful premeditated killing of a human being by a human being.

Stop your lying and eat meat!

stupid. God gave us animals to KILL and EAT. unless you’re just killing it for fun, it’s TOTALLY FINE TO KILL ANIMALS FOR FOOD, and while you’re at it use the fur to keep warm. It’s called SURVIVAL, people.