Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Enter World, Pursued by a Bear


My friends Scott Shannon and Liz Braswell recently celebrated the impending birth of their second child — by watching Aliens (having viewed Alien last time around, inspired, I believe, by a joke I made back when Liz and I were in college about childbirth being like something out of those films — a joke repeated in the Kyle Smith novel Love Monkey, though he and wife Sara decided to reproduce anyway).

Frightening as that may sound, Liz’s experience will no doubt be smoother than that of another mother-to-be I happen to have just heard about in the news — one who found her very pregnant self being followed by a bear, causing her to race in front of and be struck by a car, a combination experts now say pregnant women should avoid.

The bear ended up being euthanized, but the ethics of that, needless to say, we can discuss at  next week’s Debate at Lolita Bar.

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