Thursday, March 5, 2009

Two Years of Blogging, Four of Debate-Hosting


I think last night’s debate went well, and in this nostalgia-inducing, time-tripping week of Watchmen’s release, it’s worth pausing to note that this month brings the second anniversary of my regular blog entries (preceded by a few experimental ones) and the fourth anniversary of me hosting (and Michel Evanchik regularly moderating) the Debates at Lolita Bar.

That means our debate next time — “Does Religion Make People Better?” (on April 1, with Rabbi Simcha Weinstein and skeptic Austin Dacey) — will be our fiftieth, so I hope we’ve all learned something. If we haven’t, watch out for punishment (or nothingness) from above on April 1. (And one update about that America’s Future Foundation debate going on tonight: Gelinas and McArdle have both apparently bailed and will not have to face the music for being pro-infrastructure-spending and pro-bailout, respectively, replaced by Max Pappas and last time’s Lolita Bar victor Ryan Sager.)

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