Sunday, March 8, 2009

Soothing Music for the End of the World


In my entry one week ago, I suggested that a pause for reflection might be in order after this past week of big-government spending, an AFF panel discussion on capitalism, and much talk of sci-fi and superheroes.

After that pause — what? Calm and resignation? Or greater radicalism than ever before?

As it happens, I recently saw something that combines the two: a mention on the radical paleolibertarian website of a UK article about the rough time Muzak has had adopting to changing tastes in the market. This is a valuable reminder that nothing — not even elevator music — must be accepted as inevitable and permanent. It was a passing historical phenomenon, like most other things.

As an alternative to Muzak — if businesses are seeking pleasant but less-boring music — might I suggest indie/twee music such as (fittingly) “Elevator Love Letter” by the band Stars? I would much rather hear that — or for that matter, classical — than, say, a cheesy all-strings version of “You Light Up My Life,” and I’ve been saying so for a couple decades now (albeit not using Stars as an example, since they’re fairly recent).

P.S. On another political + musical note, by the way, former Manhattan Project regular (per the meeting notices in my right margin) Hannah Meyers has done a little indie music lately — and was previously a UN analyst for the Hudson Institute. Conservatism for punks, you might say. Always a good combo.

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Todd Seavey said...

I think I’ll go relax right now by reading the _New York Post_ over a late lunch — in part because Kyle Smith mentions my take on _Watchmen_ in his Sunday column, as well as his blog (so my admittedly debatable contention that Ozymandias is a bit like Obama is true after all, because now it’s in a NYPost subtitle — take that, comics-reading Obamatarians):