Thursday, February 26, 2009

Push vs. Push


I notice that, somewhat amusingly, there are two movies called Push out at the same time — one a grim film about a teenage girl impregnated by her father, the other an action film featuring formerly scandalous teen-actress-who-played-a-rape-victim Dakota Fanning as a psychic. To avoid confused customers asking for their ticket money back, I think they should just combine them into one film, which doesn’t seem like it’d be that difficult. Something having to do with genetic codes and self-defense, writes itself [UPDATE: Tyler Perry, who is helping promote the film, has announced that the grimmer film is changing its title to Precious to avoid confusion -- not as interesting as my solution, but workable].

Alas, I do not think the real world will ever see the evolution of supernatural abilities in humans — nor, indeed, that there is a scrap of evidence for any supernatural phenomena of any kind at all. (But recall that we’ll probably at least contemplate such things at Lolita in six days.)

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Benjamin Rosenbaum said...

Depending on how you parse “supernatural” and “evolution”, “the real world will never see the evolution of supernatural abilities” seems like it might be a tautology. The problem, perhaps, is that supernatural means both “outside the province of Nature” and also “really cool”.