Friday, February 27, 2009

Underworld: Evolution (and Race War)


A black man co-wrote and co-created the Underworld movies (specifically, that huge guy who plays one of the werewolves). I find this interesting because all three of the movies are, in some way, about forbidden interracial love — albeit between vampires and werewolves. I’m not saying everything a black writer does must be viewed through a racial lens, but it probably crossed his mind — and by the third film (this year’s weak prequel), the werewolves (including him) have become sympathetic escaped slaves, whereas the vampires are the ultimate white-as-ghosts aristocrats.

It all makes sense in context but may have a subtle deeper message, too (and the first film still has one of the coolest opening sequences ever, no matter how Matrix-derivative it is). The movies automatically put us on the side of hybridization and the overcoming of boundaries — and by extension, pit us against isolationists, preservationists, and protectionists (both cultural and economic) whether right or left. (I wrote about our growing love of vampire-hybrids for Metaphilm, as I’ve mentioned before.)

Evolution has no teleology, purpose, or inherent morality to it, but you have to like the metaphorical laissez-faire message that it’s wrong to forcibly stand in its way. You wouldn’t want to stop us becoming gods, after all — or would you? Let us conclude the “Month of Evolution” tomorrow with a bit more on that question (and superheroes).

And if you’re looking for something to do in the meantime, consider attending one of these American Tea Party anti-government-spending rallies (today in most of the numerous cities involved, tomorrow here in NYC).  Sadly, werewolves are not the only slaves, and movie villains are not the only vampires.


Dirtyrottenvarmint said...

Your book review of “The Buried Soul” influenced me to buy the book.

Todd Seavey said...

Hey, thanks for letting me know — and if all goes as planned, I’ll have a Book Selection(s) of the Month entry up on Tuesday, by the way (and will no doubt hear some bookish musings at our sci-fi-themed Debate at Lolita Bar on Wednesday).