Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cosmo Kramer -- Kosmokrator?


Wikipedia has no entry exclusively devoted to “Kosmokrator,” the (very cool) name for the Gnostics’ demiurge, the amoral spirit believed by them to have created Earth, rather than Yahweh, thus explaining (for people as yet unacquainted with the idea of evolution) this complex but noticeably imperfect world.

But if you try doing a search for “Kosmokrator” on Wikipedia, it does ask whether you meant to search for the Seinfeld character Cosmo Kramer.  Mere coincidence?  Or might this explain why Kramer was able so easily to transform his apartment every time we saw its interior, whether into a replica of the Merv Griffin show’s set, a hot tub, wood-paneled shelves, or other dreamscapes?  Was Kramer redecorating — or was he terraforming?  And does he have the power to transform Hawkman from an Egyptian into a Thanagarian?  Does anyone?

Speaking of animal-entities — loathsome, offensive brutes, if you will — an overdue look at some actual animals tomorrow, starting with that bad, bad chimp.

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