Monday, July 7, 2008

Wendy Williamses

There are three famous Wendy Williamses (four counting the Olympic swimmer), all three of them either in porn (as the suicidal Plasmatics singer was early on and as, apparently, a famous transsexual has been) or possessed of notoriously gigantic breast implants and prone to cocaine use and ugly spats with P Diddy and others — as is the case with the one about to start her housewife-friendly daytime chat show on Fox, which has been heavily advertised here (and presumably in L.A.) with inane clips of her talking about showering and getting haircuts and the like.

Despite my fondness for punks like the Plasmatics, I will admit the third Wendy is the most attractive, albeit thanks in part to liposuction and an unwarranted air of self-confidence.  Should be interesting to see how long that goes on without some stupid controversy or other, preferably an on-air slapfight.  (Even nice-guy/Scientology tool Will Smith — not to be confused with his gruff character in Hancock — apparently has a rap song telling her to cease and desist.)  The clock starts ticking on July 14, one week from today.

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