Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Sade for the Twenty-First Century

All right, to compensate for mocking a black female broadcaster in yesterday’s entry, I will speak fondly of one today, demonstrating the well-rounded sensitivity for which I am known:

Wilder men drink whisky while watching go-go girls who claim to have names like Blaze and Eden (well, wait, technically, I — no, never mind).  I, by contrast, am a classy guy who is just pleased to have spotted local ABC anchor Sade Baderinwa in the Starbucks between ACSH and ABC last week.

I guess Sade is a common Nigerian name (though this Sade, like the musical Sade, is also half-European — in this case half-German and a nice living reminder that Nazi eugenicists really missed the boat on the beauty of hybridization — you know I speak the truth).  The most convenient part of this celeb-spotting for me, though, was that any lingering doubts I had about whether it was really her were cleared up when she got her coffee order by name.  Thank you, Starbucks protocols.  (She did try to change her order radically at the pick-up counter, though, a reminder that even the most charming broadcast personalities can be primadonnas.)

Coincidentally, since my go-go dancer reference above was inspired by thoughts of Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (about which I blogged last week, on the same day I spotted Baderinwa), Wikipedia notes Baderinwa was hit by a hit and run driver four years ago, though it does not mention whether the driver was a busty go-go dancer.

I’ve often thought hit and run incidents — which are surprisingly common — are a nice little semi-randomized reminder that morally irresponsible ghouls are all around us all the time, up-with-people sunshiny non-misanthropic (philanthropic?) talk to the contrary notwithstanding.

Morality aside, though: if you “must” run someone over and then flee (because, say, you’re a contestant in Death Race 2000 or its impending remake), it’s probably strategically unwise to run down a news anchor, politician, or police officer.

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