Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Seavey Fox News Bit Spotted by Migrant

Say what you will about illegal immigration — the topic of our Debate at Lolita Bar tomorrow night (Wed., March 5, 8pm, 266 Broome St. at Allen St.) between Gerard Perry and Koli Mitra. The big advantage of the more general migration of human beings from one region to another is the draining of people from less-free regions and their refuge-taking in more-free places.

Take the flight of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged characters from big cities to a libertarian haven in Colorado — or take the (legal) move from New York City to Colorado of former DC Comics staffer David Vinson. But why, you ask, do I hold up David Vinson as a beacon of freedom when there is entire state of relatively low-taxed and relatively unregulated Colorado-dwellers out there right now (from libertarian lawyer Meredith Kapushion to liberal literature scholar Alyssa Pelish, not to mention all those advance workers preparing for this year’s Democratic, Libertarian, and WorldCon conventions there)? It’s simple.

Because David Vinson is the only person I know of who saw my liberty-promoting “man on the street” soundbite on Fox News, e-mailing thusly:

Hey, Todd,

Don’t know if you’ll remember me or not, but this is David Vinson who worked with Scott Nybakken at DC Comics.

Anyhow, I saw you on a Fox News on the street interview. I loved your comment on how “no matter who wins, the government will spend too much money.”

Way to go!!!!!

NOTE: Nothing in Vinson’s message should be taken to imply that he is necessarily a Republican anarchist like me. But he has lived in Colorado.

And you know, if I can get the message of freedom to just one former DC Comics staffer, it was worth every second of the impromptu minute and a half I spent shooting my mouth off to a camera crew on Sixth Avenue.

As for all those unresolved issues about border enforcement and stuff that I alluded to above, for that you’ll have to hear from Gerard and Koli, so please be assimilated by us tomorrow night at Lolita.


Koli said...

“republican anarchist” is an oxymorol — on many levels.

Todd Seavey said...

If by “oxymorol” you mean the bringing together of two moral systems, I agree. (Ha ha! Just kidding — see you when you debate tomorrow night.)

Koli said...

I deserve that. it behooves anyone trying to be “cute” to check her spelling!