Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Quick Exes Rundown

1. Koli prevailed, according to the audience vote, in the Debate at Lolita Bar yesterday on the question “Should We Deport All the Illegal Aliens?” though her opponent, Gerard Perry, also did a fine job. Perhaps the most aggressive questioner of Koli in the audience was writer/gossip-hound Doug Dechert, who apparently is both conservative and concerned about immigrants expanding the U.S.’s “carbon footprint,” surely a relatively rare combo. But perhaps more important, Doug will provide a fun outing Friday, if all goes according to plan, for people like…

2. Indrani, the really cute, short, half-Indian, half-Jamaican woman who you just might see if you go to the party this Friday in honor of recently-deceased art curator/gossip columnist/party organizer Baird Jones, organized by the aforementioned Doug Dechert (RSVP to 212-517-4065 if you want to attend the 8:30-midnight event, March 7 at Plumm, 246 West 14th — I can’t make it), who also wrote this article for Radar about Jones’s passing (which I’m pleased to see mentions Ralph Waldo Emerson — until last week the source of this blog’s slogan, which was “Henceforth I am the truth’s” — Dechert thereby reminding us that the culture of the Northeast has a long lineage). As if having dated me weren’t exciting enough, Indrani went on a date or two with Jones and even tongue-kissed him (I don’t think he’d have minded me speaking thus of the dead), so Doug or someone really ought to grill Indrani about that and leak the resulting info to Page Six (you might also mention that she was an extra in Encino Man).

Like zillions of other grateful New Yorkers, I went to one of Jones’s near-constant parties when they were just getting off the ground, right after I first arrived here in late 1991, though I’d totally forgotten that until the Nugent brothers, Chris and Dave, who also attended, reminded me earlier today. By my calculations, Dave, now a promoter of films such as a new documentary about cartoonist Gahan Wilson, must have been about twelve at the time, but my math could be off — Chris and I, by contrast, have always been old, so terribly, terribly old.

3. On a more chaste note, Dawn Eden, as noted earlier this week, was on the Today show talking about the case against premarital sex, and you can both see the video and read her related article on the topic here.


Karol said...

BAIRD JONES DIED??? Wow. He used to put me on all sorts of club guest lists.

Todd Seavey said...

That, apparently, was his way. I think I now vaguely recall him handing me a flyer or something and saying “I think parties should be for everyone all the time, not just some elite” or words to that effect. I’m not sure I ever went to more than that one sixteen years ago, though.

P.S. Indrani also wore a fake belly to appear as “pregnant teen” in a school waiting area on _Beverly Hills 90210_, for those assembling the IMDB entry.