Monday, March 3, 2008

I, Random Sample

As it happens, I became one of those random members of the public who gets asked his opinion (who I was complaining about two blog entries ago) as I was rushing to meet up with those conservative friends (mentioned one blog entry ago) yesterday.

A cold and weary-looking Fox News producer with a camera crew stopped me on the street near News Corp headquarters — she must have been getting desperate if she chose to stop me, since I generally walk fast enough to repel Greenpeace volunteers and hobos. Doing my ABC-trained best to speak in a crisp, usable soundbite (despite being a randomly-chosen citizen — wearing a tie for a change, so I hope it got broadcast) I gave her the following off-the-cuff Representative New Yorker’s response to her news segment question (as closely as I can remember):

Q: A survey shows that 90% of Texans feel this Tuesday’s presidential primary is a historic one — do you agree?

A: I don’t think it’s historic — whether the person who wins is a white male, white female, or black male, it’ll still be a politician, taking about $3 trillion of the public’s money to spend on stupid, useless things the private sector could do better.

To which the producer, friendly but reminding us that journalists are not exactly value-neutral, said (in words not meant for airing), “Really? That’s depressing — now I want to slit my throat.”

Here’s hoping I make it to YouTube or someone I know at least sees it.

ADDENDUM: And speaking of TV, you can see one of those conservatives I was rushing to meet up with, Dawn Eden, promoting chastity circa 10:30am Eastern today on NBC’s Today show (and for anyone as confused by that as I was: yes, the Today show is now four hours long — but Dawn’s just one segment).

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