Monday, December 2, 2013

Dionysium 12/15: Malice and North Korea

Come to a climactic DIONYSIUM this holiday season and hear MICHAEL MALICE explain Kim Jong Il of north Korea (as the regime itself styles the name of that country).

A mischievous Krampus-elf to Kim's roly-poly Santa, author Malice, who has visited north Korea brings us tidings of his shortly forthcoming book, DEAR READER, a first-person “autobiographical” account of the life of Kim Jong Il that takes all the kooky north Korean propaganda literally, from his superhuman computer-brain to the astounding scientific achievements that have made north Korea the most important -- nay, the only important-- society in all of human history.

You’ll find Malice in conversation onstage with host TODD SEAVEY on SUNDAY, Dec. 15, 8pm at:

MUCHMORE’s bar/performance space, 2 Havemeyer St. in Williamsburg (just three blocks east of the first L stop into Brooklyn, the Bedford Ave. stop, at the corner of N. 9th St.).  Free admission, drinks for sale.

After this, Todd may be offline and off-stage for a while working on other projects, but please forgive his aloofness and any other past transgressions and check for updates in 2014.

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