Monday, December 9, 2013

17 Animal Links

In case the nearby photos of my parents’ cat Salty and childhood teddy bear Roy (taken over Thanksgiving) aren’t exciting enough, here are some primo animal links:

2. Terrier/Rottweiler puppies (h/t John Rowe).

7. This porcupine likes his mug (h/t Michael Friedman Rand).

10. Mean cats scare dogs (h/t Christine Hall).

11. DOLPHINS aren’t so noble, either, though and do perverse things with the dead like this.

12. But can you blame dolphins being aroused when the ocean’s full of things like a pretty scientist swimming naked with a WHALE?

13. This BUNNY watched a dog herding sheep, and now the bunny likes to herd sheep (h/t Franklin Harris).

14. The great comic strip The Oatmeal tells the true story of an evil PIGEON.

15. They say this theory about humans resulting from the mating of a chimp and a PIG is bogus, but it’s well written (h/t Francois Rideau).

16. This is one “fucked-up LLAMA.”

17. And this (h/t John Moser) is a surprisingly funny set of dog-shaming photos (whereas usually I just feel sorry for the dog).

And immediately after blogging last week about that Chesterton book that includes musings on animal-loving St. Francis, I coincidentally(???) hurled the heavy tome at the only MOUSE I’ve ever seen in my apartment (he seemed a small, rare aberration and fled the book -- but the cleaning proceeds apace here regardless, and 2014 is going to be different and more organized on several levels, I promise you).

P.S. Me hurling St. Francis at a mouse is still less heavy-handedly sacrilegious than the film Philomena, apparently, per Kyle Smith’s article about him feuding with the people behind the film (h/t Mollie Hemingway).

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