Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Italians Teaching You About Aliens in General

Some of the most interesting things about life run a high risk of being politically misinterpreted, and one is this thought (more nearly culturally-relativist than nationalist, I swear): Seeing things done by other cultures can help underscore how stupid those things are by giving you a fresh perspective on them -- and by being (to you) more transparently rooted in local norms than the stupidity you're used to.

With that in mind, I invite you to watch this (dubbed) fifty-minute documentary about purported ITALIAN extraterrestrial visitations, complete with: Teleporting fruit! A loyal telepathic dog by the seashore! An old letter purportedly written by conspirator Voltaire! Felliniesque tall and short people! Long walks! Small vehicles! And assurances that love and togetherness matter most in the end! 

(Reminder: I do not believe there are any supernatural phenomena at all -- and may attend the Wed. night "Drinking Skeptically" event at Swift Bar to boot -- and, reading between the lines, I'd be willing to bet the sincere-sounding old men in this documentary were duped by magician con men. Note that nearly everything "unearthly" they mention aside from the unimpressive saucer footage was either [A] unobserved, [B] observed only by the money-handling ringleader [hint, hint], or [C] involved a small object being slipped into an unexpected location or shooting some small flames.)

Oh, and it's unintentionally hilarious, in my humble opinion. But my tastes may be slightly odd. 

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