Monday, September 17, 2012

Occupy Wall Street’s one-year anniversary warrants a Tea Party at Muchmore’s (but no dancing!)

Remember, both Tea Partiers and Occupants are welcome at tonight’s 8pm Dionysium gathering at Muchmore’s (2 Havemeyer St. on the corner of N. 9th in Williamsburg, one easy stop into Brooklyn on the L – just walked three blocks east of the Bedford Ave. stop).

I’ll be hosting a “summit” aimed at finding common ground between these two activist movements spawned by the Financial Crisis.  Creating a “post-Crisis reality,” if you will, may require fusing these alternate worlds – especially if we are to get beyond right and left and, as I think necessary, cope with the messier and far more technical problem of the elaborate overlap between corporation and state created by a century of regulation built upon a pro-centralization Progressive legal foundation.  What began with a misguided reformer’s impulse to perfect things through a multiplicity of rules now requires us to intelligently discard most of those rules and the web of subsidies and bailouts and too-big-to-fail favors that go with them. 

What better time than today – both Citizenship Day and Constitution Day in addition to Occupy’s one-year anniversary – to explore those issues?  But you can also show your support for Muchmore’s amidst another legal battle if you join us tonight: The place was just given a summons for ostensibly violating the oft-derided cabaret laws, yes, the archaic New York City laws against dancing that have been so often mocked here.  So join us – just please, for Muchmore’s sake, don’t dance. 

I guess I’ll have to hope local Tea Party-supporting rapper Toots Sweet doesn’t show up and bring this bevvy of dancing girls.  

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