Friday, February 4, 2011

Month of Lovers: Lady #3

She lived for a time in Japan, as open-minded Brown students do,
Unfortunately, she also believed in an Age that was "New,"
And so it was her Shirley MacLaine fanhood I'd grow to rue.

•Politics addendum: Speaking of Japan, this Japanese sketch, pointed out to me by Austin Petersen, captures the intrusiveness of airport security so well you don't even need to speak the language to get the jokes. 

•Also, for the handful who might be wondering after reading the above: no, it's not Jonny Skye, but Jonny's name would certainly work well in a poem, and she's very cute.

•And speaking of Brown: the Brown in New York alumni group hosts an event at Anthology Film Archives on Thursday next week (Feb. 10), from 6:30 to 9, honoring up and coming Brown filmmakers, and as a veteran of the Brown Film Bulletin, I think I should represent.  Perhaps I will see you there.

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gerard said...

The Anthology Film Archives is one of my favorite independent movie theaters. I haven't been there in ages.