Friday, August 27, 2010

Science vs. Religion, Macro vs. Mumbo

Catch the sacred and the profane on this weekend’s Freedom Watch, first shown at 10am Eastern tomorrow on FBN, as the guests include prostitute turned novelist/activist Tracy Quan, defending the profession, and a polite debate between two libertarians with decidedly different philosophical foundations: Skeptic editor Michael Shermer and the Acton Institute’s Father Robert Sirico.  They might make you believe that atheists and Catholics can get along.  Maybe.  Possibly.  Well, watch it anyway.

Coincidentally, I am scheduled to have dinner the next night with an Italian, Catholic, libertarian economist of my acquaintance, whereupon I should begin my recruitment drive for our second Debate at Lolita Bar for September because, yes, we’re doing two, the first asking “Are Bosses Usually Jerks?” (Sept. 7) and the second, the one for which I still need a “no” debater, asking “Is Macroeconomics a Fiction?” (Sept. 23).  Decide for yourselves which is more illusory, God or “trade deficits.”  Don’t feel obligated to pick just one, though.

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