Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Cold of the Outer Dark

With DC reburied under snow in the past few days, I was reminded that I recently asked my Austin-dwelling friend L.B. Deyo, who is notoriously opposed to effete and juvenile tendencies in the culture, the following question:

Tell me, L.B., how do we feel about multiple conservatives having themselves photographed sporting “snuggies” — the highly popular blankets with sleeves?  (I’m only two degrees removed, arguably less, from more than one person mentioned in this piece about it.)  And do you, I assume, own an official UT Austin snuggie, since they apparently exist and have been worn en masse to games?

This was L.B.’s apt reply, which I do not think he will mind me reprinting, given the urgency of the issue:

The day I first heard that there was such a thing as a “crunchy con,” a “Birkenstocked Burkean,” I knew there was only darkness left, and no hope or light anywhere forever.

On a warmer note: Valentine’s Day with Ayn Rand tomorrow.

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Gerard said...

The thing that creeps me out about those things the most is the fact that they seem almost specifically designed to look cult-like. Whenever I inadvertently watch one of the informercials I’m reminded of Heaven’s Gate, The People’s Temple, etc…