Monday, February 22, 2010

Brief Foreign Policy Note: Dubai

I’m sure to many people it seems like too disturbing a topic to broach, but I must not be the only one over the past few days who’s been thinking, “Even if you find the assassination of a Hamas commander in Dubai troubling, isn’t it sort of nice to hear that it may have been done by the Mossad and Fatah working together?  Cooperation has to start somewhere.”

A side note: If overly-ecumenical Americans ever finally fuse Hannukah and Christmas into one holiday decades hence, I do not think they should call the combined celebration Hamas.

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Gerard said...

Nice, but perhaps not so surprising. I don’t know if you’ve ever read Vengeance, it was later adapted as the film Munich, but part of Operation Wrath of God involved using intelligence from a shady arms-dealing outfit called Le Group, which also collected intelligence for the same terrorists that the Mossad was attempting to liquidate.

There’s also an interesting subplot involving Avener’s cooperation with a close childhood friend who was a member of the Baader-Meinof Group, which had bankrolled may Palestinian terrorist attacks overseas.