Saturday, June 6, 2009

Addict, Scientist, Monster, Madman


Some more reminders the music stuff and the nerd stuff sometimes blend:

•It’s not Julie Taymor and U2’s Spider-Man musical, but on the bright side a mere ten bucks gets you into the musical one of my co-workers, Matt Johnston, is directing (which I’ll attend this Sunday at 2pm if anyone wants to join me) about superheroes and supervillains attending a cocaine rehab clinic, fittingly called Superhero Celebrity Rehab: The Musical.

•Here’s Beaker from The Muppet Show performing “Yellow” by Coldplay and doing another number that’s more disturbing. (I notice that in my notes I said Radiohead instead of Coldplay, but that doesn’t surprise me — in contrast to the usual results with my keen ear, the more I listen to those two bands the less I can tell them apart.)

•On a related note, I contend that Cookie Monster doing a Barry White impression ends up bearing a weird resemblance to Roxy Music. (Note: Bryan Ferry once dated the mother of a woman I dated, so I’d kid her about possibly being Ferry’s lovechild…though in truth I sometimes wonder…)

•Finally, how cool would it be to be a comic book writer-artist and have a rock band? As cool as Madman creator Mike Allred, that’s how cool. (Even cooler would be an anarchist comic book writer who performs music, like Alan Moore, but the political gold [standard] medal would have to go to Nexus creator Mike Baron: comic book writer, rock band, libertarian. If he also becomes a scientist, he’s achieved the sacred tetralogy.)

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pulp said...

Mike Baron wrote some great stuff in Nexus, a lot of the themes he seemed to use were decidedly anti-authoritarian and skeptical in a classical humanist sense.