Sunday, November 23, 2008

UPDATE: Chinese Democracy...

…is available exclusively at Best Buy, it’s worth noting, and I’m listening to it now.

Given that the very first song (the title track) really does seem to be a hymn to the potential for political change in China — and rhymes “masturbation” with “rule a nation” in a verse also derisively mentioning “your iron fist” — I think Axl must have written the album for my G N’ R-loving Chinese-language professor friend Chris, which is only right [UPDATE 11/24/08: And Beijing has noticed, the tyrannical bastards, as noted on Drudge -- I haven't been this proud of American pop culture since Kim Jong-Il condemned Team America].

Three tracks so far, and so far we’re rockin’. “Now ah know you betta [GUITAR]…” Yeah.

Chris also shares the recent enthusiasm for locally-grown foods, as it happens, and I have a volunteer to argue against that idea at our next Lolita Bar Debate (Wed., Dec. 3 at 8pm), so if you, dear reader, want to defend it — and can get to Manhattan on your own — let me know before someone else steps up [UPDATE: Got him!].

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