Saturday, November 1, 2008

McCain's Standing in the Polls -- and My Own


Things don’t look good for McCain right now, but with another six months of hard work, I think he could still turn this thing around.

As for me, I noticed back on August 11, 2008 that I’m within the top 250 Google hits for “Todd.”  Just plain “Todd.”  Not bad — #232 to be precise.  Maybe being the 232nd-highest Todd doesn’t sound like much, but keep in mind I’m competing with Todd McFarlane, Sweeney Todd, Mary Todd, Todd Solondz…

…and now Todd Palin.  I haven’t checked where I stand after his debut on the national stage, but if it’s shunted me out of the top 250, I will finally have one small reason to dislike the Palins.

Of course, half the rest of the country seems to dislike them already, and after eight years of Bush, I can’t fault the country for wanting to punish mangled syntax, if that ends up being what does the Republicans in this time around.  Beyond that, though, Sarah Palin still seems relatively normal to me, as she certainly did to my enthusiastic parents when she was first unveiled, in that fun day and a half before it all started to unravel.

But when all is said and done — though I’m voting for Barr — will we even remember exactly what it was that supposedly made her so egregious?  Her husband drives snowmobiles?  Their church was a little odd, like all churches?  She was a mayor?  She was feisty about pursuing actual reform efforts — the likes of which Obama has never done more than imply in lofty speeches (as my fellow Phillps Fellow David Freddoso, author of The Case Against Barack Obama, pointed out on a panel a week ago)?

I suspect I’d be happier with her errors than with most Democrats’, but at this point, I’m sufficiently wary of all politicians that I’m content to just sit back and see what happens with the people’s choice instead.  Something bad, I’ll bet you.  (But we can discuss whether 2009 means A New Hope or the Empire Strikes Back at Lolita Bar on Wednesday.)


Gerard said...

I tend to agree with that assessment.

Most politicians eventually disappoint their supporters, with the sole exception of Ross Perot, apparently.

Zombies for Obama

You’ll notice them marching past the camera about 3:30 in.

Gerard said...

Correction: You’ll see them 3:22 into that video.