Monday, September 29, 2008

A Moment for Nazi Satanism


One topic that was not broached at last night’s sex debate was the book Rune Sex Gymnastics, one of the texts produced by that most marginalized of philosophies, Nazi Satanism (the book title also sounds like it could be a King Crimson album).

I bring up Nazi Satanism on Rosh Hashanah because I think that in the philosophy’s existence there is a roundabout positive message for Jews (and for friends of Israel, of which there will probably be several of the neoconservative variety among the drinkers/mourners at tonight’s farewell bar gathering for the apparently doomed newspaper New York Sun). I also bring this up on Rosh Hashanah by sheer coincidence, actually — and because the erotic power of the dark and forbidden makes a perfect segue between my “Month of Sex” blog entries and my impending “Month of Horror” entries for October (this’ll be my fifth “theme” month out of the nineteen that this blog will have been fully operational).

The positive message to be drawn from Nazi Satanism is this: There’s something to be said for finding that a bad political philosophy like Naziism has been so successfully marginalized and is so reviled that it is now lumped in or fused with something as cartoonishly and laughably evil and as universally derided as Satanism.

Likewise, a friend of mine (herself part Jewish) went to the club Mother years ago, thinking it was New Wave night (and accordingly dressed in hip, severe, black attire) only to discover that she’d gotten the schedule wrong and it was actually “Nazi fetish night.” She was horrified — but she should also be relieved, in a sense, to know that people consider Naziism so beyond-the-pale diabolical as to constitute the stuff of sexual fetish gatherings, much like slavery and torture.

Perhaps some of them even dressed like monocle-wearing Nazi occultist Julius Evola, who certainly seems to post-World War II eyes like something out of a horror movie.

And speaking of mesmerizing the masses: my choice for McCain’s most strategically clever line in the debate last Friday was his comment about how we must be wary of Iran precisely because we must not allow “another Holocaust.” Hello, Florida!

Obama’s campaign, meanwhile, was reportedly dispatching Missouri law enforcement officials to warn people not to engage in false advertising. Naziism is pretty much dead, but in milder ways, as Jonah Goldberg wrote, “We are all fascists now.”

P.S. Speaking of fetish-wear and Satanism: with Posh Spice wearing heel-less boots like these, can Matthew Barney-esque cloven-hoof satyr boots be far behind? I say the goths are wearing them by Halloween.


jenny said...

can Matthew Barney-esque cloven-hoof satyr boots be far behind? I say the goths are wearing them by Halloween.

the sisters concert in philly would be just the place to find out, don’t you think?

Diana said...

How could you forget to mention this scandal from a few months ago?

Formula one boss Max Mosley ‘exposed as sadomasochist in Nazi orgy with five prostitutes’

apparently there is also a video

And I can’t get over those boots. I can’t decide if they’re wonderful or horrible. They remind me a bit of these (if I can degenerate your intellectual website into a bit of a shoe fetish thread)

Todd Seavey said...

Someone at last night’s debate, oddly enough, told me the Nazi aspect of the Mosley story was untrue, not that that necessarily helps him much.

NoMereApologist said...

Yes, there was no truth to the Nazi aspect of the Mosley story, even though there was video of Mosley indulging in Nazi fetishism. Also, Ron Paul is a very nice man.