Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dawn Eden Parties at Plumm 9/3/08

Our Debate at Lolita Bar does NOT take place tomorrow night as it normally would but rather on Sunday, Sept. 28 — but in the meantime, tomorrow does bring a PARTY!

Yes, I have somehow ended up cohosting a fortieth birthday party for my ex-girlfriend Dawn Eden, chastity-promoting Catholic author of Thrill of the Chaste.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008
The Plumm
246 W. 14th Street (8th Avenue)
Open bar during first hour

Hosted by J.R. Taylor, Doug Dechert, Noel Ashman, and Todd Seavey

RSVP to J.R. Taylor at: jrt[at]RightWingTrash.com or (201) 838-7255.

Sidenotes: I still don’t believe there’s a God, of course, and when I first met conservative, Christian J.R. (through whom I’d later get to know Dawn), back in the days when I, too, wrote for New York Press, he told me he sometimes edits porn, including the magazine High Society, to which I replied, “Oh, you mean the marijuana magazine?” and he responded, with slight but genuine offense, “I would never edit a drug magazine!” (I was of course thinking of High Times).

So J.R.’s a smut-peddler and I’m atheist, and we’re cohosting a party for a God-fearing chastity promoter.  Who’s worse in Dawn’s eyes, then, J.R. or me?  Furthermore, what would Jesus do (that is, drugs or sex — the former, I’m inclined to think, since despite J.R.’s aversion to drugs, Jesus said a lot more about coveting wives than about coveting pot, and he supposedly liked wine)?

In any case, it’ll be the event of the millennium and not a bad addition to the “Month of Sex.”

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Todd Seavey said...

[...] That headline does not refer to tonight’s birthday girl, Dawn Eden (and note that this month’s Debate at Lolita Bar occurs Sunday, Sept. 28, NOT tonight as it normally would) but rather to tonight’s other conservative female star, Sarah Palin.  (But if my birthday party co-organizers were able to follow my suggestion about putting the Republican Party convention on the video monitors at the club Plumm, I may be able to see both simultaneously.) [...]