Monday, June 9, 2008

The Crisis Continues

This has to be some sort of record for time elapsed before revising old DC Comics stories: Grant Morrison declares last month’s finales of Death of the New Gods and Countdown to Final Crisis “apocryphal” — and I don’t blame him. As I said in an earlier entry, he clearly wrote his stuff first, and DC had a year to make the other series “fit” but didn’t. Screw ’em. But as Morrison says, it may be a side effect of misperceptions of divine events, if one must rationalize (and that’s a rationale suggested by Death of the New Gods itself, so best to roll with it).

Sounds like the two-issue Final Crisis: Superman Beyond (in 3D) is now mandatory reading, too.

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Todd Seavey said...

By the way: if Morrison loves metafiction so much, and Johns is making so much use of Superman-Prime, who hails from a “real” world beyond the DC multiverse, isn’t it odd so little use has yet been made of the founding conceit of the DC multiverse, namely that Earth-2 is depicted in Earth-1’s fiction? Might Earth-3 be depicted in Earth-2’s fiction, and so on?

More important: might Earth-2 actually “be” fictional from Earth-1’s perspective — and Earth-1 a fiction from Superman-Prime’s perspective, which is why he feels no guilt about killing “inferior” characters and is insane?

And might not a Monitor, turned into a young Earthman, as in _Final Crisis_ #1, have a rather unusual comic book collection, _which cannot be damaged without terrible consequences…_?

But perhaps I’m anticipating elements of the perception-warping and multiversal _Superman Beyond_.