Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Obama and Huckabee Can Talk

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Here’s an amusing/uncomfortable clip from a few months ago, showing one of Obama’s most enthusiastic supporters, State Sen. Kirk Watson, put on the spot and unable to come up with any — any — examples of Obama legislative achievements (not that I consider producing legislation an achievement, mind you).

Obama himself, of course, would never be that tongue-tied — and in his preacher-like ease with speech-making, he’s not so unlike one of his failed potential Republican opponents, Mike Huckabee, who, fittingly, will now be a Fox News commentator, which, as blogger/party animal Karol Sheinin says, is preferable to having him governing something.

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Marc Steiner said...

The fact that he hasn’t done much to pass legislation should, I would think, be viewed as a strong point in his favor — at least from the perspective of traditional convervatives.