Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hillary Paul, Cobra Obama, and the Green Endorser

•If you thought comparisons several months ago of Hillary Clinton to Thatcher were odd, check out how one UK blog sees her — as a Ron Paul figure (and not just because, like Paul, she doesn’t know when to stop).

•But enough about Hillary.  With her fading, it’s time for all loyal Operation Chaos operatives to turn their efforts against the presumptive Democratic nominee, Barack Obama — and this parody (pointed out to me, for non-partisan comedy reasons, by Paul Taylor) of the Obama “Yes, We Can” video helps (and features Cobra Commander).

•On an even nerdier note: this frightens me more than the impending Final Crisis comic book with its invasion of evil gods: Judd Winick (yes, the one from Real World, now a comic book writer) is doing a comic about the DC superheroes’ politics.  They quite literally intend to give new meaning to “Superman Red/Superman Blue.”

I suspect the character Anarky and a libertarian version of Uncle Sam will not be central to the plot — and that Batman will not explicitly encourage vigilantism despite clearly being a crime-hating DIY millionaire (who tellingly complained early in Batman Begins that his fellow Princeton students did not share his views — though of course we are probably meant to see his Batman incarnation as a step away from his original kill-Joe-Chill tough-on-crime conservatism, since growth = moving leftward, at least in the media).

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T.A.B. said...

I wonder: would Judd Winick have had a chance as a comics writer if he WEREN’T a reality tv celebrity? My guess is no.