Monday, May 12, 2008

Wild Record Party

Well, last time I checked, I failed to find any clips of Wild Record Party (a short-lived, insane cable access show here featuring stuffed animals and puppets dancing to various old garage-rock-type numbers in front of album-cover backdrops) on YouTube, but, as it happens — since I don’t have cable and just watch the handful of broadcast channels I pick up — as of just recently, channel 6 on my set, which used to be blank, now seems to be picking up two unrelated signals: some animal documentary channel, albeit in black and white and without sound, plus the sound from some very loud dance/pop radio station, so now I occasionally find myself mesmerized by some trashy techno-disco number over an image of a very slow-moving, fat raccoon or something.

It will have to do.

On a related note, watch for a cameo by Winnie the Pooh in this Friday’s Retro-Journal entry.

ADDENDUM: I should give credit to Courtney Balaker, formerly of ABC News, now of Neo Art and Logic in Hollywood, for first telling me of Wild Record Party.

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Jim F. said...

Like you, Todd, it’s still on the schedule.