Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cry Tyroc and Let Loose the Legion of Super-Heroes

In honor of the start this week of DC Comics’ Final Crisis event — which will involve the Legion of Super-Heroes in August (and be this site’s Book Selection of the Month tomorrow), here is one of my favorite Wiki. passages of all time, about the Legionnaire Tyroc’s different scream-powers:

Scream effects

Among the screams in Tyroc’s arsenal:

• EEYYAAAHH! — pyrokinesis
• AHHRRRRRR! — force field
• OYYUUUUUU! — teleportation
• ARRRRHHHH! — explosions
• ZZZRRRUUGGHH! — telekinesis
• UIUUIEEEE! — transmutation
• ARRREEEEG! — weather manipulation
• IRRRRWWWW! — chlorokinesis
• CCCIIIRRR! — vertigo
• RRRYYYY! — wind manipulation


T.A.B. said...

If Tyroc returns in the post-52 universe, one can only hope he’s now a member of the Legion of Substitute Heroes.

Michael G said...

Hey! I wrote that!

Or at least, it was copied from my Tyroc trivia quiz, although when I said “IRRRRWWWW caused the trees [to] sprout wildly growing tentacle wings!” they changed it to “chlorokinesis”.

Todd Seavey said...

Very cool and very funny at the same time, Mr. G — here’s hoping Tyroc survives this summer’s Time Trapper onslaught.