Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thar He Blows: Moby Attended Our Debate Last Night

Or so says Gawker.

Here’s hoping our debate on history and futurism next month brings out David Bowie, my choice for the one guy to put in the space capsule if Earth is finally doomed (he’d get along with the alien civilization that eventually rescued him, for one thing).


Brain said...

While I am thrilled to get some press coverage, I would characterize our the crowd as more nerdy than “gothic”.

jenny said...

moby? what, was he in german meth addict drag?

Todd Seavey said...

The emaciated German who wouldn’t stop talking (about his own past rejection by a woman with a multiple personality disorder and finally about 9/11 conspiracy theories) and had to be ejected was not Moby. (Moby was a separate person.) The German was, I think, a friend, nemesis, or stalker of the evening’s videographer, the notorious Nick Zedd, himself an ex of debater Rev. Jen. I hope the whole thing will be online somewhere at some point, perhaps at Zedd or Rev. Jen’s sites.