Tuesday, June 5, 2007

DEBATE AT LOLITA BAR: "Is It More Painful to Get Dumped or to Do the Dumping?"

Rev Jen VS. Katherine Taylor TONY
NOT this Wednesday (as would normally be the case) but rather on Wednesday, June 20 (8pm):

Downtown performance artist, art star, and nerd “Rev. Jen” Miller throws down with (formerly) Upper East Side author, sometime bartender, and libertarian Katherine Taylor (whose new novel is Rules for Saying Goodbye) on the gut-wrenching topic of romantic break-ups.

At: Lolita Bar, 266 Broome St., at the corner of Allen St. on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, one block south and three west of the Delancey St. F, J, M, Z subway stop. Free admission, cash bar, and an air conditioner.

Luckily for me, Rev. Jen, who likes Budweiser, was drinking not too long after being dumped when I asked her to participate in this debate, while her opponent, Katherine, has just released a memoir/novel that climaxes with her then-fiance wracked by nightmares, sweat, and rashes at the growing realization he can’t go through with the ceremony.

If this debate doesn’t end in tears, I’m not doing my job as host right, or Michel Evanchik is moderating improperly. Come watch the trainwreck, man — this is going to be epic (and since it’s later in the month than usual, this once I’ll promise to give you a brief reminder).

P.S. Speaking of “tainted love,” these three versions of the song by that name leave me unable to decide which decade has been the most depraved…

…the 80s (as represented by Soft Cell)?


…the 90s, though this was actually released in ’01 (care of Republican rocker Marilyn Manson)?


…or the 00s (in the form of…Pussycat Dolls)?


In this, as with so many other questions, I think I’m gonna have to say: the 80s, with things trending toward wholesomeness since then, at least by this admittedly unscientific measure. But what else would you expect from the decade that gave us “Hot for Teacher”?


P.P.S. The 80s in turn reminds me of Reagan and the fumbling search for an inspiring president. Let me just say, if you aren’t rooting for Ron Paul in the presidential race, you’re part of the problem. What do you mean, which problem? All of them.


toddseavey said...

Just in case that was unclear — yes, Jen argues it’s worse to get dumped and Katherine argues it’s worse to do the dumping, even though it’s the likable protagonist of her novel (somewhat like her, though it’s fiction) who got dumped by the fiance. But you see, Katherine can do that because she has _empathy_ (and the protagonist does dump people at other points in the novel, I should say). Anyone who feels this still leaves us needing someone at the debate who is more of an expert on _doing_ the dumping is encouraged to dump someone during the Q&A period.

Lefty said...

I think you should include Gloria Jones’ original 1964 soul version of Tainted Love in your analysis:


(This is a weird homemade video version, but the audio is spot on.)

I expect this to be the first of many, many posts I’ll be making on toddseavey.com.