Saturday, March 31, 2007

Seavey Bibliography

Bibliography (of most of the easily-found online Todd Seavey pieces as of 11/25/07), of course.

Numerous pieces on and — the sites I edit at work — including several originally appearing in other venues.

“Fusion Candidate [Ron Paul],” 8/1/07.

“What’s the Greatest Innovation? The Invention of Vaccines,” 5/4/07.

“Which Is Right?” (second letter down), New York Times 3/14/07.

“Hillary Finds Jesus (Jones),” 2/5/07.

“Does Anybody Really Know How to Limit Government?” 11/30/06.

“X-Men vs. Superman: Mutation, Eugenics, and the Politics of Evolution,” 11/8/06.

“Apes of Wrath: Radar Uncovers the Primate Plot to Take Over the World,” 11/7/06.

“Art Deco, Ground Zero,” Reason 9/11/06.

“Enlightening the Future: 2024 (survey),” 9/06.

“‘A’ Is for Anarchist” (in part about V for Vendetta and a little more snide-sounding after editing than my original draft), Wall Street Journal 3/17/06.

“BloodViolet: Perfect Evolution (and the Buried Soul),” (cannibalized, fittingly for a piece about zombies and vampires, from one of the two pieces for The Believer that editor Heidi Julavits, who vaguely promised a kill fee as I recall, had me write and revise, at thousands of words each, then lost interest in using, editing, or exchanging e-mails about; the other piece was about Darwin, so I was alarmed to see one of her fellow editors define The Believer recently as a magazine that isn’t just going to start publishing articles about Darwin because Bush happens to mention him, though I have no idea if she’d seen my piece) 3/11/06.

“When Swing Was Again the Thing,” 10/13/05.

“The Music Men: Innovation and Tradition in New Orleans,” 9/19/05.

“New Orleans in the Past Tense,” 9/12/05.

“The Science of Consistency: On Fictional Universes and the Fans Who Rationalize Them,” from 5/2/05 (perhaps the piece I’ve most enjoyed writing).

“Fun with the Homeless” and “Betting on Blacker,” just two of my disturbing-but-true contributions to 6/21/04, 8/30/04.

“Coercion vs. Consent: Letters” (the second letter down), a pretty succinct explanation of my (perhaps excessive) fusionist tolerance for Bush, and more broadly for right and left disagreements, Reason 6/04.

“Regulation for Dummies: Is the FDA Necessary?” Reason 4/04.

“Women, Lepers, and Jews!” 5/7/03.

“The Killer Fog: When Green Politics Masquerades as Environmental Science,” Reason 4/03.

“The Road to Hellville,” 3/13/04.

“The Axis of Goth,” 3/25/03.

“A Chemical (Over)Reaction,” 1/30/03.

“The Geopolitics of the Ring,” 2/12/02.

“The Potato Whisperer,” Reason 2/02.

“Stern und Drang,” National Review 6/13/94.

(Not online, alas, are the two years worth of bimonthly “A Crazy Man’s Utopia” humor columns I wrote for Reason right after college, in ’92 and ’93, which were a bit unpolished and full of pop-culture tangents but, in my opinion, slightly ahead of their time because of it.)

The covers of issues 5 and 15 of Justice League Adventures, two of the comic book stories I wrote for DC (the other being the short adventure “Progress!” in JLA Showcase) in the early 00s. These were sort of aimed at kids, though left to my own devices, I’d aim for Morrison and Talbot.

“Erogenous Zones,” Reason 3/97.

And you can find still more pieces by searching on- or offline some of the venues (from Chronicles to Spy) listed among my past jobs, not to mention the Psych-o-Babble site and Comic Effect fanzine I left off both lists for one reason or another.

UPDATE: Well, I have rarely updated this site’s five permanent explanatory pages (on Principles, Bibliography, Acquaintances, FAQ, and Work) between its launch in 2007 and 2010 — and may not necessarily even agree with everything I said in them — but an important entry from April 11, 2010 describes a big mid-2010 shift in my activities that at least gives you an idea what the future should look like (NOTE, while I’m at it, that e-mails to this site’s URL do not reach me, or indeed anyone, but you can find my real e-address on this site without too much trouble).


Xine said...

Heidi Julavits was a year ahead of me at my high school in Portland. It’s all connected.

Todd Seavey said...

Ah, yes, and Wiki. reveals she and her husband divide their time between Brooklyn, NY and Brooklin, ME (pop. 841).

And here is a photo of her while we’re at it: