Saturday, December 27, 2014

Did They Ditch the "Homeland" Season 4 Finale Due to CIA Torture?

Conspiracy theory about a fictional conspiracy being affected by a real conspiracy: is it possible the Homeland season finale was so goddam lame because (ASSUME SPOILERS HEREAFTER) the producers trashed -- and scrambled to replace -- an episode depicting the torture of the ISI agent with the terrorist-network cell phone that would've aired two weeks after the CIA torture report came out?
Think about it: inexplicably, tangentially terrible episode. Shot entirely back in the States with almost zero transition plotwise and minimal sets/effects. Several plot threads suddenly ignored or addressed in an offhand sentence.
Was the suckage of the Homeland finale an inside job?

P.S. And are they trying to imply that all ginger babies are developmentally disabled? That’s a plot thread for another time, though.

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